ACCA AA CBE Preparation - Self marked - Dec 2020

The Audit and Assurance CBE tests your knowledge and understanding of the audit and assurance process within the context of the professional regulatory framework. The syllabus covers five key areas: audit framework and regulation; planning and risk assessment; internal control; audit evidence; and review and reporting.

You should take this course when you have covered the syllabus material and you are ready to attempt a full exam. Taking the mock exams will help you to become familiar with the question types and the features and functionality of the real exam.

This course provides you with 3 exam standard tutorial mock exams that allow you to practice for the real ACCA exam on a platform that replicates the structure, format and the likely style and range of questions that could be asked.

The AA exam has two sections:

Section A: three 10-mark case-based questions. Each case has five objective test questions worth 2 marks each.

Section B: three constructed response questions, one for 30 marks and two for 20 marks.

Full model answers are provided as well as a self-marking feature for the long questions, which allows you to get a realistic idea of how exam-ready you are, as well as building your exam-taking skills by giving you insights into the marker’s experience.

You are allowed access to the course for two months and each mock exam can be attempted twice.  Exams must be taken in one sitting and must be attempted using a desktop or laptop - this replicates the conditions of the real exam.


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